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Cellu-Flo Package

Cellulose Filter Aids

Proud to be Made in the USA by Gusmer Enterprises

Cellu-Flo Cellulose Fiber Filter Aids have been developed for use as a filtration precoat and/or body feed and come in various fiber lengths and blends to fit your specific needs.

Brewing Filter Media

Filter Media

Proud to be Made in the USA by Gusmer Enterprises

Various filter sheet series and grades available for coarse, polish, clarifying, sterile, and pre-membrane filtration applications.


Carbon Filter Media


Proud to be Made in the USA by Gusmer Enterprises

Carbac® filter media is an excellent substitute for loose carbon that provides you with a fast, clean, and easy way to adjust color, aroma, or flavor of your products. This product is an excellent tool for final color and flavor adjustments.


Cellu-Stack® Filters

Proud to be Made in the USA by Gusmer Enterprises

Gusmer Enteprises' Cellu-Stacks are a convenient way to utilize depth filtration media in an enclosed system.  Offered in all Gumer media types, these stack filters can be used for coarse, fine, and pre-sterile filtration in numerous filtration applications.

Bevigard M Filter

Filter Cartridges

EMD Millipore: Millipore membrane filters are the ideal filter for clarification, pre-sterile, and sterile filtration applications. These quality filters ensure microbial stability while maintaining quality, clarity, flavor, and aroma. Gusmer is proud to offer a wide variety of Millipore filter cartridges.


Filter Housings

  • Bevliner™ Housings - economical, high quality, sanitary housings used throughout the beverage industry
  • Cellu-Stack® Housings - durable and dependable, for use with 12" or 16" diameter Cellu-Stack® filter modules
  • Posiseal Housings - designed for lab-scale and small-scale filtration production trials