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  • Chr. Hansen Yeast - non-saccharomyces yeast cultures, S. cerevasie cultures, Frozen yeast cultures
  • Renaissance Yeast - A leader in the development of classical crossbred H2S-preventing wine yeasts
  • Yeast Nutrients - rehydration nutrient, complex yeast nutrient, time-release nutrient tablets
  • Malolactic Bacteria - frozen and freeze-dried direct inoculation bacteria cultures
  • Malolactic Bacteria Nutrients & Aids - complex malolactic bacteria nutrient, Lactizyme (lysozyme)
  • Enzymes - micro-granulate and liquid enological enzymes

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Processing Aids

  • Cellar Chemicals - acid additions, cleaning agents, SO2 additons
  • Fining Agents - Divergan F® PVPP, Gelatin, Silica Gel, Carbon
  • Stabilizing Agents - Cream of tartar

Plate and Frame Open


  • Fiber filter aids - soft/hard wood cellulose, charged/uncharged cotton linters, Fiber/Perlite blends 
  • Filter sheet media - for coarse, polish, clarifying, sterile, and pre-membrane filtration applications
  • Stack filter media - for clarification and pre-sterile filtration applications
  • Carbon filter media- ideal alternative to loose carbon
  • Cartridge filtration - for clarification, pre-sterile, and sterile membrane filtration
  • Filter housings - both stack and membrane housings available in a variety of sizes and finishes
  • Cross-flow filters - low pressure operation units available in a number of different sizing options
  • Hoses and Accessories - Blaudieck hose in various diameters and accessories

All Oak

Oak Products

Gusmer Enterprises is uncompromising in raw material selection. Only the highest quality American and French oak from premium heartwood qualifies for our programs. Our proprietary toasting process brings out very distinct oak attributes, such as vanilla, butterscotch, clove, smoke, and others. Consistent, predictable results are the hallmark of Gusmer’s oak program, offering only the finest oak adjuncts.

Wine Lab Supplies

Laboratory and Analytical Products

  • Equipment - Refractometers, pH meters, scales, stir plates, etc.
  • Chemicals - pH buffers, alcohol, copper sulfate solutions, hydrochloric acid, etc.
  • Millipore Microbial Monitoring - culture media, membrane filtration, test kits, reference materials, etc.
  • OenoFoss Analytical Platform
  • Lab.CO Non-Destructive CO2 Tester
  • WineScan™ SO2 All-in-one wine analysis

Blaudieck Hose

Wine Processing Equipment

  • Winery Hose - Blaudieck hose and Purple Snake in various diameters and accessories
  • Hose Accessories - Dinga Water-Saving Gun, parts & accesories
  • Ozone Generator Equipment - Pacific Ozone PC Series Carts

Lab Services

Analytical Services

  • The Wine Lab™ - Gusmer Enterprises has owned and operated The Wine Lab™ in Napa, CA since 2003. There we've provided not only standard chemical and microbial testing but also provided consultative services on fermentation, filtration, etc. The Wine Lab takes samples in a number of different forms always try to keep the following in mind:
    • Grape and Juice Samples - Always include a cooler pack with grape clusters or juice samples. When possible juice and fermenting samples should be dropped off at our facility as they are liable to ferment.
    • Cellar Samples - Take a representative sample of the wine., using proper composite samples if the wine is in several tanks or barrels.
    • Bottled Wines - An unopened bottle is required for post-bottling microbial analysis.
  • Get Request Forms - Click here to download request forms for the Lab.


Gusmer Enterprises serving the Wine Industry

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